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Glazed Butts and Dry Racks PDF Print E-mail

Dr. BBQ,

My wife got me a copy of your Big-Time BBQ Cookbook for Father"s Day yesterday and I'm lookin' to try a couple of recipes out. We will be visiting family in a couple of weeks and I"d like to smoke ribs and pork butt for the gathering. A couple of complications: 1) this weekend is the only chance I"ll have to cook the meat and 2) we"ll need to transport the smoked goodies about 9 hours. I do have a food vac sealer and was planning on freezing in full-rack sizes and 1-pound pork butt sizes. I figured a cooler full of ice with the cryovacs nestled in it should be sufficient. So here are my questions: 1. Should the ribs be finished with glaze or not prior to cooling and vacuuming? 2. How to thaw and reheat the ribs without drying them out? I"ve heard of people slipping the whole cryovac into a pot of boiling water.


Hi Tom,

I wouldn"t glaze the ribs before freezing, it will just be a mess. I'd try to reheat them flat on a baking sheet in the oven at 275°F and glaze them then. If you like them caramelized maybe you can bring a grill with you. As long as the vacuum packed packages are tight you can reheat the pork in boiling water. I"m not sure how long, but probably just a few minutes for 1-pound packages.


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