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Smoking Two Meats Simultaneously PDF Print E-mail
Hi Dr. BBQ,

I saw you on the OLN All Star Barbecue Showdown recently, and I was most impressed with your talents and methods. So, I wanted to ask you question. I just bought an offset smoker, an entry model, which is a step up from a gas grill I have and also the small Weber Kettle. I wanted to know what effect smoking two pieces of meat simultaneously would have on each other and cooking time. Specifically, I am planning on smoking an 8 to 10 pound Boston butt and an 8 to 10 pound brisket. I am planning on starting the brisket a couple hours earlier than the butt and planning on approximately at least 12 hours to cook. If I add the shoulder butt, what effect will this have on total cooking time to have both done at nearly the same time? If I am off base with my time calculation, please let me know. Any insights would be appreciated. Sincerely,


Hi Mike,

Two pieces shouldn’t make a difference but with that smoker you’ll probably need to move them around so they’ll cook the same. I’d put them in at the same time and plan to take each one off when it’s done. (It’s done when it’s done.) You can easily hold them for a few hours wrapped in foil in an empty ice chest. 12 hours should be enough time, but you just can’t cook barbecue by time. You’ll need to check the temp of the meat and feel it. When the brisket reaches 190 degrees, wrap it in foil and rest it for a couple hours. Same for the butt but it can skip the rest if the time is right.



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