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Tips for Using Wood Chips PDF Print E-mail
Q: Hi Doc:


For convenience and time saving I sometimes resort to using a gas-fired BBQ and have been unable to successfully generate smoke using wood chips. Any helpful hints on processes, equipment and materials would really be appreciated.






A: Hi Smitty,


A gas grill will never work quite the same as a charcoal or wood-fired grill but you should be able to achieve a pretty good smoked product. You can try one of those cast iron boxes to hold the wood chips, you can substitute a tuna can as long as you burn it off first, or you can even put some wet chips in a packet of aluminum foil with some holes poked in it. Some of the same old basic rules apply too: Keep the temp down for a low and slow cook and resist the urge to peek and let all the smoke out.

--Dr. BBQ

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