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Saved by the Food Truck: Austin’s Perfect Antidote to Thanksgiving Leftovers PDF Print E-mail
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Saved by the Food Truck: Austin’s Perfect Antidote to Thanksgiving Leftovers
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By Kelli Bergthold

Photos By Lois Manno

This year, I spent my Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends, mesquite and “y’alls” in Austin, Texas. The dinner was potluck style, and while the food was pretty damn good (more cranberry tangerine relish or green chile-pinon cornbread stuffing, anyone?) it didn’t stop the day-after-Thanksgiving-blues from hitting me hard.

It’s hard to go back to chilled turkey meat and cold mashed potatoes after a

Bavarian Bistro Food Truck in Austin
Ben and Pong of Crepes Mille food truck in Austin, TX

four-hour marathon meal the day before. This year, instead of opening the fridge and rifling through various foil-covered containers, I headed to downtown Austin with family in tow. What was I searching for? The perfect antidote to the Thanksgiving blues: the food truck.

If you’ve ever lived in a major metropolitan area, then you probably know what I’m talking about. The clichéd version is a large delivery truck coated in quilted stainless steel siding that serves sandwiches to construction workers at lunchtime. In reality, these mobile restaurants can be found in almost any metropolitan area, and they don’t limit their menus to just ham and Swiss. In fact, over the past decade, these gourmet restaurants on wheels have been changing the way diners eat out, especially in highly populated areas like business and civic centers.

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