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  • Scovie Awards: 11 Days Left to Enter 26 Aug 2014 | 2:27 am

    The Scovie deadline of September 5th is now a tropical storm, but it's building fast into hurricane strength. Don't be left out--enter today. Continue reading →

  • Can Chiles Prevent Colon Cancer? 24 Aug 2014 | 12:20 am

    If your ego ever shoved a chile in your maw that was hotter than your mouth could handle, you learned something very fast: capsaicin loves to piss off pain receptors. Some of us have even learned this lesson twice; once on eating the chile, again when it says good bye on the way out. What you may not know is that capsaicin keeps up the shenanigans all the way through your digestive system, all the way from point A to B. That pain is the basis of research suggesting that chile peppers may prevent colon cancer. Continue reading →

  • Stone Brewing presents: Beers that Burn 21 Aug 2014 | 8:09 pm

    I suppose there will be a day when I run out of hot and spicy alcohol to sip on, but we’re not there yet. On a trip to my local brick-and-mortar liquor store here in Albuquerque, I found several that I hadn’t tried yet, but since this has been a big beer-drinking summer for me, I grabbed some spicy beer to try out. Continue reading →

  • Scovie Logo: “A Trophy on Every Bottle” 19 Aug 2014 | 3:17 pm

    Using real awards adds a lot more value to your customers and merchants when they're shopping for the best among the seas of so many new products coming on the market every day. The Scovie Winner logo is like having a trophy on every bottle. Continue reading →

  • Pirate Johnny’s Jerk Seasoned Sliders 18 Aug 2014 | 12:33 am

    Earlier this year, Pirate Johnny's gave us a selection of their spice rubs to review. This happens to be their Jamaican Jerk's turn. Continue reading →

  • Restaurant Revisited: No Laughing Matter at Uncle Andy’s Diner 27 Aug 2014 | 8:55 pm FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleWhile Robert Irvine is no stranger to unusual and unfortunate scenes after years of Restaurant: Impossible missions, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw when he pulled up to Portland, Maine’s Uncle Andy’s Diner: owner Dennis Fogg dressed in an ape costume with a poster advertising his business. “He’s just trying to get people’s attention,” Tina Fogg, Dennis’ wife and the co-owner, explained to Robert. When Dennis isn’t turning heads at the restaurant, he’s performing as a standup comedian, but as Robert explains of Uncle Andy’s, “I can see that Dennis likes to joke around, but what I see in front of me is no laughing matter.” He had only two days to work and a $10,000 budget to overhaul the interior at the family-run restaurant, rework the eatery’s menu and improve Dennis’ professional demeanor while working. Read on below to hear from Dennis and find out how his business was faring a few months after Robert’s intervention.

    “They are, right off the hook, four to five times better than before Restaurant: Impossible,” Dennis says of the financials at Uncle Andy’s. He adds that in order to accommodate larger parties, “We installed booths to increase seating by 15.”

    As for his children, Dennis explains, “Andrea is almost finished with her school and will be taking a more active role later,” and Jason “has become a leader in the kitchen.”

    Thinking back on what he’s learned throughout this experience, Dennis admits, “My family is stronger than I thought.”

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    Goombazz Big City Eatzz (December 18)
    LBI Pancake House (December 8)
    Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Company (December 8)
    Mike La Susa’s Italian Restaurant (December 4)
    Seven (November 27)
    Georgia Boy Cafe (November 20)
    Coach Lamp Restaurant & Pub (November 13)
    The Windsor 75 (November 6)
    Ducky’s Family Restaurant (October 30)
    Mama Campisi’s Restaurant (October 23)

  • Hump Day Snack: Mini Burger Cupcakes 27 Aug 2014 | 1:30 pm FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Burger Cupcakes

    Ah, Labor Day. That bittersweet moment of conflict between a blissfully long weekend and the end of lazy days, white jeans and vacation. Savor the final lazy days of backyard barbecues with these Mini Burger Cupcakes. The first trick to authentic-looking sliders is a golden cupcake muffin topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, to resemble the soft bun. The meat patty can be made with chocolate icing, or if you’re feeling adventurous, a pan of brownies cut into circles. Add shredded lettuce (green-tinted coconut flakes) and swirls of ketchup and mustard (red and yellow icing) for a well-dressed burger that you can make long after barbecue season is over.

    Celebrate Labor Day and the final days of the season with more spectacular summer desserts from Cooking Channel:

    Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches Grilled Pineapple with Nutella Mint Chip Ice Cream Mango Strawberry Crumble

  • Go Nutty with These Chicken Cutlets 27 Aug 2014 | 1:00 pm FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Hazelnut Chicken on the Chopped Dinner ChallengeNuts rarely make it out of dessert territory, but when you think about the great texture they offer, then you might realize how well they can work in savory preparations, like this recipe in this week’s Chopped Dinner Challenge. Hazelnuts are getting their due, chosen by the chefs of Food Network Kitchen as the basket ingredient for this week. Besides the texture, hazelnuts have a sweeter flavor — unlike, say, walnuts or almonds. We’re not saying this recipe will take the place of your favorite jar of hazelnut-chocolate spread, but it might be a dinner contender. The pulverized hazelnuts in this Hazelnut Chicken recipe along with extra-crispy panko breadcrumbs will become your new favorite breading for fried chicken.

    Pound the chicken breasts to an even 3/4-inch thickness using a meat pounder — it’s great for taking out pent-up aggression. Next, pulverize the hazelnuts in a food processor, saving 3 tablespoons for later (the salad dressing). Combine with the panko, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper and spread onto a baking sheet for breading. Dip each chicken breast in a mixture of eggs beaten with 1/2 teaspoon salt. Then dredge in the nut mixture.

    Heat 1 1/2 tablespoons oil in a skillet over medium-high heat and brown the chicken breasts, two at a time, for about 2 minutes per side. Place the chicken on a baking sheet and finish cooking in the oven for about 6 minutes at 400 degrees F.

    While the chicken is in the oven, prepare the salad dressing by whisking together the honey, lemon juice, garlic and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Stir in the reserved hazelnuts and toss with the romaine hearts, tomatoes and scallions. Serve alongside the chicken.

    Get the Recipe: Hazelnut Chicken

    The Chopped Dinner Challenge is a series of recipes showing you how easy it is to cook like a winning Chopped competitor. Every week, FN Dish will showcase a recipe created by Food Network Kitchen that uses at least one of the Chopped basket ingredients, plus basic grocery goods and simple staples. Consider it your very own Chopped challenge. Just take this frequent tip from the judges: Don’t forget to season!

  • Bright Blue Hue Saves Rare Lobster from His Dinner-Plate Fate 27 Aug 2014 | 12:00 pm FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Bright Blue LobsterMost of us probably don’t think of lobsters as coming in a variety of ultrabright colors. And, in fact, they usually stick to pretty much the same old muddy olive-brownish palette, at least until they cook up bright red. So imagine the surprise of Maine lobsterman Jay LaPlante and his 14-year-old daughter, Meghan, of the Miss Meghan Lobster Catch company, when they discovered this 2-pound bright-blue critter in one of their traps on Saturday morning.

    Blue lobsters are extremely rare, occurring only about once in every two million lobsters, according to National Geographic. Their peculiar coloration results from a genetic defect that propels the excess production of a particular protein.

    LaPlante and Meghan, who, it probably won’t shock you to learn, have never caught a blue lobster before, named the little guy Skyler and decided to spare him from his dinner-plate fate. Instead, they plan to donate him to the Maine State Aquarium, where he can enjoy the company of three other rare blue lobsters and an orange one — and impress visitors with his unusual vivid hue.

    As astonished as both father and daughter were to find the little blue guy in their trap, they’re even more gobsmacked by the interest in their cerulean catch. “My daughter did not realize catching this rare blue lobster was going to grab such worldwide attention,” LaPlante told FN Dish.

    Clearly, a crustacean that color is hard to overlook.

    Photo courtesy of Miss Meghan’s Facebook.

  • Special Guest Judges Scare on a New Season of Halloween Wars 27 Aug 2014 | 12:00 pm FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Halloween Wars returns for Season 4 with all-new episodes starting Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9|8c. Fan favorites and first-timers alike will be serving up sweet and scary creations like never before to renowned cake decorator Shinmin Li and Emmy-nominated makeup artist Brian Kinney. Special guest judges, including American Horror Story’s Naomi Grossman, The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s Francia Raisa and renowned horror film producer Adi Shankar, are slated to weigh in on the teams’ pumpkin-themed displays. The supersized desserts are bigger, better and more terrifying than ever before, as the cake decorator, sugar artist and pumpkin carver on each of the five teams go head-to-head for the grand prize of $50,000. Don’t miss the exciting new season filled with sweets and surprises.

    Watch Halloween Wars on Sundays starting Oct. 5 at 9|8c.

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