It's Green Chile Season!

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

It's one of my favorite times of the year--the green chile harvest in New Mexico, with some fresh red chiles thrown in for good measure.  Many of us go to our favorite roadside stand--or supermarket for that matter, and buy a bushel or two of the fresh pods, have them roasted there in the cylindrical metal mesh roasters, and then take them home, peel them, remove the seeds and freeze the chile for later use.

That's all well and good for us lucky ones who live in New Mexico.  But what about the rest of the world that yearns for the good green stuff?  Well, thanks to modern technology, there are two simple solutions.  The first is to buy the pods roasted, peeled, and frozen.  A new source, which carries the 'NuMex 6-4 Heritage' and 'NuMex Big Jim Heritage' is the Biad Chili Company, here.

Another handy source is El Pinto, which sells jarred flame-roasted green chile.  I've eaten and cooked with this product dozens of times and it's simply great.  Order it here.

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Yum. This year I planted all sorts of different peppers. I wish I would have written the names down because many of the tags washed away with the heavy rains we've had... but those peppers stayed firmly in the ground! I am pulling them out and freezing them until we start canning salsa. I've never used frozen peppers before. Do you think they will still cook/can well? I think they are those little tiny peppers, some jalapeno, and green chili's.


Erin Kennedy
Erin Kennedy , August 21, 2009
I used to get Hatch Chiles in season at Whole Foods when I lived in Dallas. Here in Florida they don't carry them. Thanks for the referral to Biad's Reserve. I look forward to some freshly harvested chiles!!nSheilann
Sheila , August 19, 2009
Oh that looks so good!! I am checking them out!
Carolyn G , August 19, 2009

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