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Dave's Fiery Front Page

Exploring the World of Spice and Smoke
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James BeckJames Beck of EatMoreHeat.com is my first guest on the new weekly feature of the SuperSite, and he discusses eating superhot chiles and finishing an Apocalypse Burger.  Upcoming guests are Dave Hirschkop who invented Insanity Sauce; chemical engineer Marlin Bensinger, who tests the superhot chiles in his own lab; Jim Garcia of El Pinto Salsa, discussing Scorpion Salsa and the purported "chile crisis;" and Chris Fowler, who uses a polytunnel to grow chillis near Cardiff, Wales.  To hear James on the first podcast, go here.


SuperSite Comments Made Easier

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Comment ImageTo encourage and promote comments on the SuperSite and Dave's Fiery Front Page Blog, we have eliminated the necessity to register and login to comment.  Comments will still be moderated before posting, but we will do that daily, so please feel free to comment as you like all over the SuperSite.

Digital Magazine Survey Results

Posted by: Dave DeWitt


Burn!The final results of our digital magazine survey are in and the survey is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated and we now have a clearer view of what people are looking for in a monthly digital magazine.  As far as the basic information goes, the total respondents to the survey was 184 and the gender totals are 71% male and 29% female.  Only 19% are under 35 years of age while 81% are 36+, including 47% over the age of 46.  When asked if they would subscribe to a monthly digital magazine from the SuperSite publishers, 52% said maybe, 38% said yes, and 10% said no. (This by itself is very encouraging.)  We also asked if readers wanted a male-oriented magazine (15.2% said yes), a world travel and food magazine (12.1% said yes), a recipe-oriented magazine (12.1% said yes).  By far, recording 60.6%, people basically want us to continue what we started in 1987 with Chile Pepper magazine, continued in 1997 with Fiery Foods & BBQ, and are still doing with the SuperSite, namely a magazine devoted to chiles, fiery foods, and barbecue with articles, recipes, and how-to, so that's exactly what we intend to do.  We finally asked people to choose their three favorite cuisines, and the results were very revealing:

Mexican, 52.5%
American Barbecue, 49.5%
American Southwest, 47.5%
Asian, 40.4%
Creole/Cajun, 34.3%
Italian, 34.3%
Caribbean, 19.2%
India, 17.2%

So, in April, 2011, we will launch Burn! For Lovers of Peppers, Smoke, and Sauce, and the first issue will be introduced at the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show, March 4-6.  More details are coming soon, so stay tuned!


Fiery Foods Mag


Combust Digital Mag


The SuperSite is a great resource, but it's not a magazine--it's an archive.  We think SuperSite readers deserve a new monthly magazine complete with fresh content from the best writers around the world, including articles, how-tos, recipes, and so on, but we want to make sure we create the kind of digital magazine our readers will enjoy.

A digital magazine looks exactly like a print magazine but with enhanced features including embedded video, recipes for easy printing, and links to related subjects all over the web.  It is delivered to subscribers via the Internet rather than USPS, and can be downloaded--it is compatible with mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and Blackberries as well as your home computer.

A link to the new issue will be posted on the SuperSite home page the first of every month.  Magazine content will be unique and not repeated on the SuperSite but rather retained in a back-issue archive.  Subscribers can read or download any issue to their own devices, or print it out.  We will notify subscribers by email when a new issue is posted. The estimated subscription price will be $36 for a 3-year subscription, $15 for a one-year subscription. That means you get the best new content about the hot and spicy/smoky universe delivered to your mobile device...it's easy, convenient, and costs as little as $1.00 per issue!

Please take our quick, two-minute survey to help us plan the magazine here.

Dave DeWitt, SuperSite Publisher
Former Publisher, Fiery Foods & BBQ magazine (1997-2008) and Founding Editor of Chile Pepper magazine (1987-1996)

Emily DeWitt Appointed Food Editor

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Tagged in: SuperSite news


Dave and niece Emily.I'm pleased and proud to announce that Emily DeWitt, who is my brother Rick's daughter, has been appointed as food editor of the SuperSite and ScovieAwards.com  She is only our third food editor, following Nancy Gerlach, who retired and lives in Yucatán, and Gwyneth Doland, who went over to the darkside--politics. (She is editor of the New Mexican Independent, a political blog.) Emily's duties include developing recipes for both sites, posting recipes to the databases, styling food shots, and editing recipes supplied by freelancers.  She will also assist me on stage when I do cooking demonstrations, and she's the co-producer of the Scovie Awards.  Welcome aboard, Emily!  Emily is married to Max Cisneros and they have three children: Andrew, Matthew, and Rachael.


SuperSite Survey #1

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Tagged in: SuperSite news

The last time we conducted a survey of our readers and visitors was in November, 2004. Things were a lot different then--we had the old SuperSite and our options for improving it were limited. In September, 2008, we switched to the SuperSite you see now, with many ways to improve it. To that end, I have devised a survey that will give us a good idea of who our visitors are and what they are looking for. The survey is only 12 questions long and will take less than five minutes to fill out. All questions are optional. I have limited the number of responses to 500 so that we are not overwhelmed with information. At some point in time, we will publish the survey results. Thanks in advance for taking the survey, which is located here.

"I Kissed a Salsa"

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

The Salsa Twins, John and Jim Thomas of El Pinto Restaurant and Salsa, star with Katy Perry in her new music video, "Waking Up in Las Vegas."  Katy's big hit so far is "I Kissed a Girl."  This video was shot at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.   Coming soon to a hand-held device near you!

At left is a mockup of what will be the Show Program that will be distributed at the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show, Feb.27-Mar. 1, 2009.  It will have Exhibitor Listings and Scovie Winners inside, as well as enhanced listings and display advertising.  We have posted a page on the SuperSite that has:

--SuperSite Banner Advertising Rates

--Show Program Display Advertising Rates and Sizes

--Enhanced Listings Rates and Sizes

Access the Advertising Rates here.

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