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Exploring the World of Spice and Smoke
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At the Great Grill-Off at the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show, Barb and Bill Milroy (at left) plus Chip Hearn of peppers.com edged the Barbecue America team of Rick Browne and Gwyneth Doland 2-1 in three days of competition.  I was the host along with Erica Viking of 94-Rock.  It was great fun as the teams competed with grilling salmon on day one (TRR won), coarsely ground chuck on day two (BA won) and whole chickens on day three (TRR won).  The video tape, shot by Production Outfitters of Albuquerque, will be edited and shown on Rick's TV program, "Barbecue America," on PBS sometime later in the year. Gwyneth is writing a story about the entire experience, to be published soon on the SuperSite.





Rick and Gwyn of the "Barbecue America"  team.










On the set with Erica, Gwyn, Rick, and me.                       


New TV Spot for Show

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

--Watch the latest video masterpiece from Wayne Scheiner & Co. here.
--Check out the Great Grill-Off at the show here.

My friend Horrible Haggis will soon be celebrating the 10th anniversary of his festival in Jindivick, Victoria that happens right before the Fiery Foods & BBQ Show.  Here's his poster for the event.  Note the Valentine's Day promotion, a Fiery Kissing Competition!  Now, that's hot!

Cooking Video Game

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Tagged in: games , entertainment

Virtual cooking, what a concept! From the online description: "Personal Trainer: Cooking is a training title that brings gourmet cooking from around the globe to your Nintendo DS. It features a DS Chef, your own private cooking instructor who talks you through 245+ recipes from more than 30 countries worldwide. It's a combination of interactive cookbook and live cooking demonstration that'll have you cooking like a pro, even if you've never lifted a ladle before."  Here's how it works:  " The first thing to do is select a recipe. With 245+ to choose from, Personal Trainer: Cooking makes it easy to find what you're looking for by helping you browse by country, ingredients, difficulty, cooking time, cooking technique or even calorie count.

At right is a look at one of the beginning interfaces.  Nintendo says that this game will increase your cooking skills. "With an extensive in-game reference of cooking terms, pictures and demonstration videos, you can tailor your cooking experience to your level of skill, then watch that skill grow as you keep cooking."  For more information on this game, go here.  As for me, I'm going to wait for Personal Trainer: Marriage, so I can learn how to better interact with my wife of 23 years, Mary Jane ;-).

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