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Exploring the World of Spice and Smoke
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Soup Season Is Here!

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Tagged in: fiery foods

Fall is my favorite time of the year because 1. The weather is perfect here in New Mexico and 2. I get to eat a lot of soups, stews, chowders, bisques and other variations of this one-pot meal.  That's why I was so pleased to receive an advance copy of 300 Sensational Soups, by Carla Snyder and Meredith Deeds (Robert Rose, Inc., 2008).  Not only are the color photos beautiful, the recipes themselves have enough chiles in them to satisfy the most ardent chilehead and for the other soups, well, you can always add chiles or hot sauces to them.  Some of the recipes that caught my eye are Oaxacan Black Bean Soup, Easy Chipotle Chicken Soup, Cream of Roasted Poblano Soup, and Chorizo Chili Soup with Chile Cheddar Croutons.  "Soup is not just another meal," the authors write.  "It's comfort in a bowl, love on a spoon, satisfaction simmering on the stove."  I couldn't agree more.


Our European editor, Harald Zoschke, reports on this highly unusual food being served in Germany:  "I admit it--every now and then Renate and I crave for a burger at the Golden Arches restaurant. Yesterday, we had a surprise dessert there, as we discovered a "Schoko-Chili-Torte", a chocolate-chile cake, even decorated with a chile (made from colored white choc). While there were only traces of chile heat detectable, the cake was delicious, and it this is just one more proof how chiles are quickly conquering the former land of the bland. Right now they're also serving wings that are actually quite spicy."

Our friend and fellow chilehead Marco Budinis reports from northern Italy.

Ciao, Dave. I took this shot at a winter town festival for St. Anthony in Chiavari.

Peperoni Capperi Acciuga Olive

This is the way I prepare cherry peppers--an easy recipe and very nice taste. They make a very good appetizer.

Ingredients: Cherry peppers, green olives, tuna fish (the one canned with extra virgin olive oil), garlic, parsley, capers, salt, and anchovies.

Directions: Clean the cherry peppers, removing seeds and placenta. Then cook them in equal amounts of vinegar and dry white wine for 5 to 6 minutes. Remove them and drain for 1 hour on paper towels. Place all of the other ingredients in a blender and pulse them until well mixed and you get a dense cream. Stuff the peppers with the cream and put in sterile jars, adding extra-virgin olive oil.

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