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Dave's Fiery Front Page

Exploring the World of Spice and Smoke
Tags >> mustard

Killer Bee Mustard

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

 You know you're going to like a guy when, asked how he got started in the honey business, he answers, "I started keeping bees because I drink."

Reed Booth, otherwise known as the "Killer Bee Guy," is a home-brewer and mead (honey wine) maker. More than fifteen years ago, after settling in Arizona, Booth was joking with his friend that he ought to have some bees on hand for the mead-and shortly thereafter, the friend, who just happened to be a bee inspector, called up to say that she had a bag of the bugs for him. And so, to Booth's surprise, it began.  Story continues here.

The Best Mustard Ever?

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Tagged in: mustard , fiery foods

As far as I know, Lusty Monk mustards are the only fresh, refrigerated mustards produced in the United States.  Like fresh salsas, they must be sold from cold cases in shops and supermarkets.  There are two flavors, "Original Sin" and "Burn in Hell," a chipotle mustard.  These are simply the best mustards I have ever tasted--no offense to other mustard manufacturers.  You can order it from their website, here, and the site has some very good recipes for using the mustards, like Lobster Deviled Eggs, Chicken Breast in Parchment Paper, and How to Rescue Grocery Store Potato Salad.

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