University of Warwick Response to Naga Viper Testing

Posted by: Dave DeWitt



Naga ViperWe wanted to make sure that everyone understands the position of University of Warwick regarding testing of the Naga Viper.  Peter Dunn, head of communications, just sent us this statement:

The University of Warwick School of Life Sciences has been asked by a number of growers to test Chillies to ascertain their heat level on the Scoville Scale. Each of those tests has been done as a commercial service to those clients and the University has not publicized or press released any of the results.

One of those clients recently asked us to test a Chilli they described as a "Naga Viper".  We completed the test and gave the results to the client. We have since seen a number of media publish those results under headlines that this indicates that the tested Chilli is the hottest in the world.

We also understand from news reports that there has been some interest in having this published as a fact in the Guinness Book of Records.

While we cannot release our full report on this Chilli without the commercial client's express permission, we can say that we feel that any result obtained from the Chilli sample that was tested by us should be viewed as only a good indicator that this Chilli could meet the conditions of entry into the Guinness Book of Records. The sample provided to us was relatively small and, while we do not know explicitly what the Guinness Book of Records testing requirements would be, we would expect that they would require at least one more test with a larger sample and possibly a corroborating test in another lab.

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it is actually the trinidad scorpion butch t that is the hottest chilli in the world currently. there is no such thing as the naga viper butch t. the naga viper is just naga viper no butch t in the name. and was the former world record holder and was grown by ged fowler in the uk. at the mo he is still working on making the naga viper a more stable cross as seeds from a naga viper at the mo don't always grow true due to it being an unstable cross. if you want seeds for the current hottest chilli the trinidad scorpion butch t the best place to buy them is from the hippy seed company
steve peters , September 16, 2011
Is there really now a naga viper Butch T? What makes this one worthy of Butch Taylor's name? I think there are naga vipers which were just unstable "3 way hybrids", and then there are the Trinidad scorpion-Butch T which now have the Guinness record, but this is the first time I've seen naga viper-Butch T???
DerekB , September 13, 2011
Where can u purchase the Naga Viper Butch T. ??

Thanks in advance!

Editor reply: Hi You! Refining Fire Chiles carries Butch T seeds, plus an impressive array of other superhot (and not-so-hot) chile seeds. 10 bucks gets you 10 seeds. Here's their website: http://myorganicseeds.auctivac...fault.aspx
YouKnowMe , September 04, 2011
What is the true hottest?
I grow may peppers in the Midwest and am going to try the Ghost peppers in the Spring.
The Editor writes:

Hi Ray,
Lately, the "hottest pepper" title has been a moving target. Right now it's the Naga Viper Butch T. However, if you choose to grow ghost peppers, you'll definitely have one of the very hottest! Good luck with your pepper gardening.
Ray , August 14, 2011

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