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Dave's Fiery Front Page

Exploring the World of Spice and Smoke
Holy Jolokia!  That's the name of the hot sauce the Chile Pepper Institute is releasing as a fund-raiser.  The Institute has partnered with CaJohn's Fiery Foods in Columbus, Ohio to produce the sauce, which is made with the world's hottest pepper, the 'Bhut Jolokia', or "ghost pepper."   This partnership marks the first time CPI has partnered with a private company, and Dr. Paul Bosland, director, said the new product will help cement New Mexico as the chile capital of the world.  The 5-ounce bottle of Holy Jolokia will retail for $10 and a portion of sales will help fund research and education at CPI.  After years of growing out strains of 'Bhut Jolokia', tests with High Performance Liquid Chromatography revealed the heat level to be in excess of one million Scoville Heat Units. The Institute's findings for 'Bhut Jolokia' were awarded the world record as the "hottest of all spices" by Guinness World Records in September, 2006.  For more information on Holy Jolokia, email the Institute here.  For detailed information on 'Bhut Jolokia', go here.

Welcome, CaJohn's and Chedvilles!

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

I'd like to thank John and Sue Hard of CaJohn's Fiery Foods of Ohio and Bob and Cindy Chedville of Chedville's Cajun Foods of Louisiana for joining our team here at the SuperSite.  John and Sue have been a loyal exhibitors in the Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show for years, and Bob and Cindy are new to our network.

CaJohn's Fiery Foods has at least a hundred different products, and lately they've been specializing in products made with the 'Bhut Jolokia', the hottest pepper in the world.  To the left is their Jolokia Mustard, and they have 12 more Jolokia products in their shop, here.



Chedville's Cajun Foods not only carries the Jamabaya Mix at left, but Gumbo, Dirty Rice, Etouffee, and Cajun-Style hot sauces, too.  As they say, it's a "Mardi Gras for your mouth!"  Visit their product page, here.  And, welcome aboard!

Ed  Avalos, currently marketing director of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, has been nominated by President Obama as Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Ed has 34 years experience in agriculture marketing including the on-going 12-state green chile pepper promotion which yearly generates over $26 million in retail sales.  I helped Ed, along with El Pinto Restaurant and Salsa, create the World's Largest Chile Ristra that was displayed last year at the New Mexico State Fair.  In the international arena, Ed has worked in Mexico, Japan, China, Canada, and Latin America.  In the 1990's, pecans were exported to Japan and the Pacific Rim and most recently, the marketing team successfully established a pecan market in China.  The SuperSite congratulates Ed on his continuing success in promoting New Mexico agricultural products.

My Perfect Breakfast

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Tagged in: recipe , fiery foods , bacon

When I lived in Richmond (VA), April was the time of the shad run up the James River, and my friends and I would be on the banks casting weighted jigs into the rapids to catch them.  It was amazing how long it took to land a large shad--three pounds or more--in the swirling current.  Sometimes, 20 minutes!  I had to be very careful because the shad have very delicate mouths and trying to muscle them to shore would rip out the lures.  We kept only the gravid females (see the bulging one in the pic) who had the roes we were looking for.  Then we took the roes home and made breakfast.  Now that I live in New Mexico, if I had the roes, I would fix them like this:

Hot Sauced Shad Roes with Green Chile & Cheese Eggs

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Free Mobile Grill!

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

The major grilling season for 2009 has just begun and during these trying economic times, every griller is looking to save money. The Fiery Foods & Barbecue SuperSite has made arrangements with national supermarket chains to give all of our readers a free mobile grill.  Go here for the details on getting your free mobile grill!

"I Kissed a Salsa"

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

The Salsa Twins, John and Jim Thomas of El Pinto Restaurant and Salsa, star with Katy Perry in her new music video, "Waking Up in Las Vegas."  Katy's big hit so far is "I Kissed a Girl."  This video was shot at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.   Coming soon to a hand-held device near you!

Back in 1994-95, the big chile pepper story was that eating the pods caused stomach cancer.  We investigated this allegation and published this report.  Back  then I wrote, "Let's put this absurdity to rest right now.  Despite all the mass media hype and paranoia, there is not one bit of credible evidence linking chile peppers with causing any type of cancer.   Period."  Here is the full story.

MJ's Easy Tostada Lunch

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Tagged in: recipe , lunch , fiery foods

 After a visit to Pro's Ranch Market, which is the closest food experience of Mexico in Albuquerque, Mary Jane pondered what to do with the ultra-crisp, giant tostadas I had bought on a whim tinged with curiosity. She came up with this combo, which is quick, spicy, and utterly delicious. Eat these with your fingers and a dark beer.


4 crisp 4-inch tostadas, or whole corn tortillas fried in vegetable oil or baked until crisp
1 cup cooked black beans, mashed
3/4 cup hot bottled salsa, drained
1 1/2 cups chopped leftover brisket, or substitute any cooked meat, chicken, or fish
1 cup grated Mexican manchego cheese, or substitute pepper jack cheese
1 ripe avocado, diced
Shredded romaine lettuce for garnish

Start the broiler in the oven.
Place the tostadas on a baking sheet. Spread the mashed black beans over the tostadas, going to the very edge of each one. In a small pot, combine the salsa and the brisket and heat until hot, about 2 minutes. Cover the black beans with the salsa-brisket mix and spread. Add the cheese and place under the broiler until all the cheese melts and bubbles.
Remove from the oven and top with the avocado and lettuce.
Yield: 4 tostadas
Heat Scale: Medium

Rick Browne Joins SuperSite

Posted by: Dave DeWitt

Tagged in: smoking , personalities , new content , grilling , books

Rick Cracks Up Gwyneth at the Great Grill-Off

Barbecue expert Rick Browne is teaming up with us here at the SuperSite to strengthen our coverage of grilling and smoking.  For the past seven years, Rick has produced and hosted "Barbecue America," which is shown on PBS and reaches 230 markets in the U.S.  A writer, photographer, pitmaster, restaurant critic and consultant, he is also a Doctor of Barbecue, holding an honorary Ph.B (Doctor of Barbecue Philosophy) bestowed upon him by the prestigious Kansas City Barbeque Society for his expertise and commitment to barbecue. He is the author of ten books, including the recently-released The Best Barbecue on Earth (Ten Speed Press).  Personally, I'm thrilled by this development because Rick, in a short period of time, has become a good friend of mine, and we share like views on a number of subjects.  "Peas in a pod," is how Lois Manno, our art director, described us.  Here are Rick's articles so far on the SuperSite:


Harald Zoschke reports from Deutschland:  "Wow, whatta show.  Hard to believe it was already the twenty-first one! It still felt fresh and unique. The fun part is, besides all the interesting new products, the diversity of people you meet there, all united by the mighty pepper. Take Ralf, Klaus, and Uwe, for example. For these Germans who own a restaurant and a hot sauce factory, it was their first time at the Fiery-Foods & BBQ Show. The trio dressed up as 'German Chili Police,' complete with 'To Protect the Chilis' badges. They even made Cajohn their deputy--here they pose with John and Sue Hard. More soon in my upcoming 2009 show report, as soon as we're caught up here...."


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