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Rick Browne's Hottest Grillin' Gadgets PDF Print E-mail
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Rick Browne's Hottest Grillin' Gadgets
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By Rick Browne, Ph.B. of "Barbecue America"

I’m often called on to suggest new barbecue gadgets and products that make barbecuing and grilling more fun or easier to accomplish. So here are a few of my favorite 'Que Gadgets that you might want to try. I like them and use them when I can, but offer up no guarantees, written or otherwise; I just think they’re dandy.


And for heaven’s sake don’t use tiny kitchen tongs, table forks and spoons, and oven potholders when you barbecue. Use the proper tools for a safe and enjoyable barbecue. Here is a baker’s dozen of the latest gadgets I’ve tried and loved:

Oxo tongs

Super long tongs: Oxo’s 16-inch Stainless Steel Locking Tongs with rubber grips and clamshell jaws. Best we’ve ever used. Also available in 9 and 12-inch models. www.oxo.com

Progressive Basting Brush


Progressive International has a 16-inch Dripless Silicone Basting Brush with a neck that pivots 180˚ degrees and head, which can be rotated 360˚degrees. The silicon bristles are heat resistant to 600˚F. Check it out here.

Professional BBQ Gloves

Professional Barbecue Gloves from texasbbqrub.com. They're PVC coated so they don’t absorb grease, are one-size-fits-all, are a convenient 14 inches long, and have a rough texture so food doesn’t slip out of your hands. And at $10 bucks they’re cheap. www.texasbbqrub.com

Spitjack Deluxe Fireplace-BBQ Goves

Spitjack’s offers up their Deluxe Fireplace-Barbecue Gloves with a foil-laminated layer in the palm and Kevlar stitching, which provides great protection from very hot items. Their “Pork Pulling Glove System” --neoprene gloves with wool liners--protect against the heat and absorb perspiration when preparing pulled pork. www.spitjack.com

Callisons Seasoned Skewers

If you ever want to do kabobs, old-fashioned bamboo skewers are passé. Callisons Seasoned Skewers can be used for just about anything you want to kebab! They’re made from untreated, Maine wood and steeped in natural oils. They come in eight delicious flavors: Honey Bourbon, Citrus Rosemary, Thai Coconut Lime, Indian Mango Curry, Mexican Fiesta, and Garlic Herb. Recently they’ve come up with a line of Seasoned Grilling Planks, which include Lemon Garlic Dill, Ginger Mango, and Cajun flavors. www.callisonsfinefoods.com

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