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Chile - Ancho

Pork tenderloin, which has very little fat, can be made more flavorful by marinating and seasoning before cooking. Remember when cooking pork not to overcook the meat. These medallions, marinated with mustard and chile powder, have a sweet-hot taste and light glaze from the honey. Note:  This recipe requires advance preparation.

This recipe is from Alex Garcia of the Food Network.
Mesquite wood smoke is absorbed by the fish while it grills, imparting a distinctly Southwestern flavor. Care should be taken not to overcook--or burn--the fish.
Most of the calories in fajitas come from the toppings that we pile on, including cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. If you replace these condiments with a high-flavor salsa, you won't miss any of the flavor.
This brick-red mole, courtesy of Restaurante El Naranjo, is made with chile ancho, sesame seeds and almonds.
Most people associate mole with the famous chocolate mole--mole poblano--but the word refers to both a mixture and a stew. No chocolate is used in this recipe, and with the exception of the potatoes and corn, this dish is quite similar to chili.
According to El Naranjo’s website, www.elnaranjo.com.mx, "The name is derived from the fact that this light sauce spills easy and stains tablecloths. It has a sweet flavor because of the pineapple and plantains."
If venison is not available, substitute beef. It’s a lot easier to use canned black beans.
This fresh chili powder should be ground immediately before adding it to the chili.

Many barbecue teams create their own seasonings. This one was developed by the Raccoon Flats BBQ team.


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