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Chile - Cayenne
A wide variety of seafood is both extraordinarily popular and available in South Africa.  This spicy starter features crayfish steamed in wine, vinegar herbs, which is then reduced to form the base of a hot butter sauce.  Please note:  To preserve the succulent flavor, the crayfish must be freshly steamed and should not be refrigerated between steaming and serving.  The sauce, too, should be freshly makde and spooned over the crayfish while it is still warm.
This dish is wrapped in banana leaves, which give it a subtle, earthy flavor. Serve the dish with plain corn tamales, fresh corn tortillas or rice. It takes a bit of effort, but it produces enough for a party, so make this dish for a special occasion.
These interesting corn cakes from Ghana can be eaten hot or cold, alone, or with roasted peanuts for a snack or appetizer.
Richard Sterling developed this recipe, which is his version of how the Spaniards transformed Montezuma’s favorite beverage, with the addition of alcohol. He commented: "Salud! Drink to the Old World and the New."

Denny Morrison is a Canadian champion long-track speed skater with an Olympic gold medal to his credit. His second passion? Grilling. His food of choice: burgers. You can read the full story at the link above, or check out his favorite burger recipe here:

"This recipe was handed down from a singer who swears she has stopped numerous sore throats by drinking this tea regularly upon any hint of a cold," says Brenda Roes of Glendale, California. "I've since added to it, and it has helped me combat the winter nasties. It tastes horrible."
This is an exciting blend of fresh, light flavors that makes a great beginning-of-the-meal palate stimulator during the summer. It has beautiful color and a slight bite from the ginger. A thinly sliced lime wheel makes an excellent garnish when floated on the soup with a dollop of sour cream.
This salad travels well and can be made a day ahead. If you refrigerate it overnight, bring it to room temperature before serving.
This recipe hails from Algeria, where it is a popular appetizer.  Note the use of paprika here -- it was introduced form Hungary via Spain.
Variations on this hot sauce appear all over Africa, with the key ingredint being peanuts in any form. Here, peanut butter works well--either smooth or crunchy.  Its most common usage is to spread over fried chicken or fish or serve it over rice.

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