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Chile - Cayenne
From another center of the barbecue universe comes one of the dry rubs that made the Kansas City Royal cook-off such a highly competitive event. Try this rub on turkey and chicken too.
Long ends are the lean, thin bones of spareribs, while short ends are the shorter, fatter, meatier hind sections. The combination of the rub and finishing sauce is traditional in Kansas City-style barbecue. The sauce is sometimes slathered over the ribs during the last half hour of smoking and is always served on the side. Why not serve these ribs with french fried, corn on the cob, spicy baked beans, and hot peach cobbler for dessert?
Here is the way sauce is made for the famous American Royal cook-off in Kansas City–or at least this is our take on the subject. It is truly a finishing sauce and should not be used as a marinade or a basting sauce. Of course, spread it liberally over ribs just off the grill and serve plenty on the side

This is a popular appetizer in Primorskii Krai (Russia's Maritime Territory), reflecting the Korean influence on the cuisine of that region. Korean vendors in the markets of Vladivostok and Ussuriisk sell this spicy salad, ready made, in clear plastic tubes and Russians who live in proximity to Koreans have incorporated this recipe into their own culinary repertoire.

You can find other recipes and read about the Russian Far East in the article Siberian Hot Stuff By Sharon Hudgins

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Rick Browne, Ph.B., host of the PBS show “Barbecue America” and the author of The Best Barbecue on Earth and nine other books, is supplying articles and recipes to the Fiery Foods& Barbecue SuperSite.


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This recipe was collected by travel editor Richard Sterling on his trip to Burma. It was created by Renatto Buhlman, executive chef of the Strand Hotel. Renatto says to use the best quality, unscented tea available. At the Strand they give you a fork, but everywhere else you eat this with your fingers. Serving suggestion: La Phet makes an excellent appetizer with chips and a lager beer or a dry sparkling wine. In Hawaii, you might try a Maui Blanc dry pineapple wine. At any rate, don't take it with iced tea! From the article Exotic & Spicy Salads.

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Mascarene Chile Cuisine


By Dave DeWitt

This recipe and others can be found in the following article:

Moroccan Tagines

by Nancy Gerlach 


Tagines or tajines are wonderfully aromatic North African stews that combine meats, poultry, chicken, or fish with fruits, vegetables and a large variety of spices. The centerpiece of Moroccan meals, there are literally hundreds of traditional tagines as well as many regional variations 

We cooked this during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and it has become a big family favorite. If I had to eat only one thing every day for the rest of my life, this would do. Feel free to use leftover grilled beef, lamb, sausage, chicken, goanna, crocodile, emu, goat or whatever you've got.


These delicious crab cakes are a wonderful way to use crab meat. The sauce is unusual and adds a dash of flavor. Serve the cakes with a spinach salad, garlic mashed finger potatoes, and fresh asparagus. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.

Featured Rapid Recipe

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