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Chile - Cayenne

The addition of sour cream to the sauce in this potato dish is typically Hungarian. It is a hearty side dish that goes well with roast pork and sauerkraut.

'All of these ingredients are reputed to lower high levels of serum cholesterol in the body, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. The dosage is 2 capsules before each meal.'
Here’s a kicked-up version of Italy’s famous grape brandy! Keeping chiles’ favorable influence upon digestion in mind, this "hot Grappa" is ideal as a digestive drink after a meal. Note that this recipe requires advance preparation.
Here is a tasty grilled dish featuring native New World game, chiles, and tomatoes, plus pepitas–toasted pumpkin or squash seeds. Garlic is not native to the New World, but is given here as a substitute for wild onions, which the people of Cerén would have known.

This recipe, along with other sizzling holiday snacks, can be found in the article

Sizzling Snacks for Holiday Entertaining by Dave DeWitt

Making your own phyllo can be a time consuming project, but fortunately the dough you can purchase ready-made works equally well in this recipe. The filling can be pureed or left with some texture. If you do puree the filling, do it before adding nuts and eliminate the raisins. These little packages can also be dusted with powdered sugar before serving. The trick to working with phyllo is to work very quickly and to keep the dough covered when not using so that it does not dry out.

This is a fun recipe for the summer and one that actually requires a wood or charcoal fire because it's almost impossible with a gas fire. Just remember to remove the nails before serving.

These small, tasty, meat-filled turnovers are a traditional accompaniment to many Polish soups. They also make an excellent finger-food for buffets and cocktail parties. The Poles cut the pastries into squares not circles, but no matter the shape, they still taste the same. This is a recipe that was collected by Sharon Hudgins on one of her trips researching the use of chile peppers in the area.

Here is my spiced-up version of a rub that’s really pit-iful! (Sorry.) It does not exist in French Polynesia, but I was out of manioc powder.

There are many versions of this dish, which has its origins in the Middle East. Increase the cayenne amount to ½ teaspoon for a more fiery dish. Fresh pomegranate juice gives the sauce a rich, fruity flavor.


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