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Chile - Piquin

These snacks from West Africa wrap canned oysters in crisp pastry fo a quick and delicious taste senstaion that may be served warm or cold. 

Heat Scale: Depends on how much Madagascar Sauce Dynamite one uses.

Originally served at the restaurant Barbacoa in Newport Beach, California, this pasta has the flavors of the Caribbean.

This is a classic Spanish tapa with variations in every region and no tapas bar would be complete without garlic shrimp. Shrimp are abundant off the coast of Spain and soaking them in salt water before cooking gives them a fresh, briny flavor, that is reminiscent of being just caught. Serve this tapa with lots of crusty bread to soak up the sauce.

Sunday afternoon heaven, accordingto Harald and Renate Zoschke, is watching a soccer game on TV, drinking beer, and snacking on these spicy baked potatoes!
This spice mixture is from Tunisia, where it is used to spice up stews and is sprinkled over grilled meats.  The word tabil means coriander, but generally refers to this blend of ingredients.
Tandoori chicken, a famous Indian dish, is also one of the tastiest. The word tandoori refers to any food cooked in a tandoor, which is a giant, unglazed clay oven. The chicken in this recipe is marinated twice, first with the lemon juice, then with the yogurt mixture. You can approximate a tandoor by using a charcoal grill or gas broiler, but the food won’t achieve the exact flavor. The taste is hard to duplicate since the tandoor reaches such high temperatures, up to 800 degrees F, but even if the chicken is not strictly traditional, it’s still flavorful. Those who are watching their fat intake, will like cooking chicken in the tandoori-style, since the skin is removed from the chicken before it is cooked. And, by using a low fat yogurt in the marinade, the fat is reduced even further. This chicken is traditionally served with cooling mint chutney. Note: This recipe requires advance

This is a much easier version of the famous smoked duck which involves marinating, steaming, drying, and smoking. You can make this in a stove-top smoker. The tea colors the skin an appealing color, and any loose tea will work, even the Orange Pekoe in most tea bags. If using chicken pieces, cut the marinade recipe in half. Serve with fresh spring rolls, pickled radish and carrot relish, and Sichuan noodles with vegetables. Note that this recipe requires advance preparation.

This recipe is a variation on spiced vodkas but with Mexican spices. It 
can be used in any drink recipe requiring tequila, or downed straight.
Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
In Italian, this chicken is called pollo alla diavolo because of the addition of crushed red peperoncini chiles, the same kind that is sprinkled on pizzas to liven them up. Traditionally the chickens are split before grilling, but you can use a rotisserie if you wish–it just takes longer to cook. Adding rosemary branches to the fire makes a very aromatic smoke.

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