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Chile - Serrano
It is necessary to make small batches of this dressing because the avocado will discolor slightly on the second day; however, it is so good and so versatile, that it probably won't last that long anyway. We have found that using Champagne vinegar adds zest without the harshness associated with other types of vinegars. For a tasty and unusual touch, serve the dressing over cooked chilled vegetables, such as fresh asparagus or artichokes.

This sauce is served over cooked rice or vegetable dishes. There is a lot of variety in each cook's ingredients, so this is a widely used, basic sauce.

Where is it written that canned cranberry sauce has to be served with at Thanksgiving? The sweet, sour, hot tastes of this chutney compliments turkey, chicken, and even pork. The addition of black pepper may sound odd, but it does provide a tasty accent to the chutney.

Not all Southwest salsas are tomato-based; this one utilizes tomatillos, 
the small “husk tomatoes” that are grown mostly in Mexico, but are
available fresh or canned in many U.S. supermarkets. The natural
sweetness of the mango blends perfectly with the tartness of the
tomatillos. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
Flautas (flaow-tahs) or "flutes" are rolled and fried tortillas similar to taquitos but 2 tortillas are rolled together to form a long flute and often served with a avocado sauce. The following is a recipe from a small restaurant located near the hospital in Juarez, Mexico--one of my favorites! This is a great way to use up any left-over chicken you may have on hand.
This is a simple but delicious soup.  People have told us that this is the soup given to people with head colds; we assume this is the "African Penicillin Beef Soup Remedy," just as hot chicken soup is the U.S. Remedy!  The chiles in this soup will certainly clear the sinuses, wheter you have a cold or not.
These are the famous Peruvian appetizers, sold by street vendors, and grilled to order. The customers just eat the beef right off the stick. Traditionally they are made with beef heart, but we like to use more tender and flavorful cuts of beef, plus chicken. With the highly acidic marinade, you can use tougher cuts if you marinate them longer. The chiles of choice here would be the native ají chiles, but virtually any small, hot fresh chiles can be used. Serve wrapped in a corn or flour tortilla. You can also serve the anticuchos as an entree with escalloped potatoes and green beans. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
I usually add chopped green New Mexican chile to this recipe but since the only fresh green chile I could find were Anaheims that were too mild, I decided to use the juice from the serranos since I knew it was hot.

This recipe and others can be found in the 12-part illustrated series "A World of Curries". You can read all about this unique Indian flavor here.


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This recipe is for two entrée-size servings but this could also be served as an appetizer by substituting large (21 - 25) shrimp.

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