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Chile - Thai

This recipe and others can be found in the following article:

 Oodles and Oodles of Asian Noodles

by Nancy Gerlach, Fiery-Foods.com Food Editor Emeritus 

If you're lucky, like David Karp, you have friends all over the world who prepare incredible adventurous meals. David discovered this recipe while exploring hot and spicy London. There he met Yousif and Katie Mukhayer, who served this at a splendid Sudanese banquet in their home. From the article Exotic & Spicy Salads.

From the Sabine town of Amatrice comes this simple but great pasta 
sauce. Traditionally, it is served over bucatini, a spaghetti-like pasta
that has a hole in it, like a straw. It is then sprinkled with grated
pecorino romano cheese.
'In this recipe, cookbook author Esly Vande Weerdt-Schiefflers highlights the unique and wonderful tastes of Indonesian cuisine.'
Satays, or sates, are popular throughout Malaysia and the 13,000 some islands that comprise the county of Indonesia. They are miniature brochettes or kabobs made of bite-sized pieces of meat and grilled on bamboo skewers over glowing charcoal. Eaten as a snack, appetizer, or part of the meal itself. They can be made of beef, chicken, pork, as well as lamb, depending on local custom and individual tastes. They contain meat only, never vegetables, and are served with a spicy sauce, such as Sambal Kacang, on the side for dipping. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
Tilapia, a farm-raised fish originally from Asia, is mild and sweet-tasting with a delicate flesh. You can substitute catfish or flounder fillets if you can’t find tilapia. These are the fish fillets most enjoyed by people who don’t like "fishy" fish. They work particularly well for our chile-infused recipes because they are soft and absorb the marinade quickly, Use a fish basket for ease in turning the fillets without destroying them. Sichuan peppercorns and Asian garlic chile paste are available at Asian markets. Serve with a Chinese peanut and noodle salad and garlic broccoli.
Make brews to tasteas strong as possible, but not too sweet.

This recipe is the Thai equivalent to American coleslaw. It’s got a similar crunch, a similar freshness, but a lot of spice. Enjoy it on its own as a meal or along with your favorite curry.

Indonesian satays (or sates) are grilled, skewered bite-sized pieces of meat that are eaten as a appetizer or part of the meal itself. They contain meat only and are served with a sauce on the side. When serving a marinade as a sauce that has been used with raw meat, it is essential that it be boiled and simmered for 15 to 20 minutes to kill any bacteria. Or, reserve some of the mixture to be used as a sauce and not use it as the marinade.
Here’s another great recipe from Russell Siu that’s incredibly easy to make. You can add some heat by adding a hotter sauce to the sweet chile sauce. Serve these tidbits over rice accompanied by a spinach salad.

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