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Cuisine - African

Gombo means okra in West Africa, and that vegetable is the primary
thickening agent of this simple sauce from Ghana. The sauce can be
served like a soup or poured over potatoes, plantains, or other starchy

This Middle Easter dish is popular in Egypt and Sudan.  It contains quite a bit of sesame seeds, and they are one of the oldest plants grown for oil.  In Africa, sesame is call been or simsim.  Serve this dip with raw vegatables or crackers.
The interesting combination of shrimp and bananas gives this west African dish an exotic flair.  It is light and delicious.  Serve it with hot, cooked rice
Pili-Pili is the generic name for African chiles as well as the name of this shrimp dish from Mozambique. Shellfish is abundant off the coast, and the prawns are so large that a couple will make a meal. The marinade not only goes well with shrimp or prawns, but also with fish and chicken. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
This is a simple but delicious soup.  People have told us that this is the soup given to people with head colds; we assume this is the "African Penicillin Beef Soup Remedy," just as hot chicken soup is the U.S. Remedy!  The chiles in this soup will certainly clear the sinuses, wheter you have a cold or not.

These snacks from West Africa wrap canned oysters in crisp pastry fo a quick and delicious taste senstaion that may be served warm or cold. 

Heat Scale: Depends on how much Madagascar Sauce Dynamite one uses.

A "high tea" treat in South Africa, this spicy pastry of sorts originated in India but was transferred to South Africa by railway workers.  Feel free to add more heat by increasing the amount of cayenne.
From South Afirica come these delicious kebabs that are deliberately made small so that they fit the appeitizer designation.
Variations on this famous Nigerian dish appear all over West Africa, including versions with game, fish, chicken, and vegtables.
A wide variety of seafood is both extraordinarily popular and available in South Africa.  This spicy starter features crayfish steamed in wine, vinegar herbs, which is then reduced to form the base of a hot butter sauce.  Please note:  To preserve the succulent flavor, the crayfish must be freshly steamed and should not be refrigerated between steaming and serving.  The sauce, too, should be freshly makde and spooned over the crayfish while it is still warm.

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