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Cooking Method - Bake

This cake was made at the Pace Salsa Chef's Challenge at the 2012 Fiery Foods and BBQ Show. Recipe courtesy of chef Kaitlin Armstrong.

These spicy croutons are not only a tasty addition to this soup, they are great on salads too. For a hotter crouton add some ground chile piquin.

Here is one of our favorite ways to cook rice. The style is from the Middle East, but the chile transforms the dish into a favorite New Mexican accompaniment. Believe it or not, some people serve salsa over this rice!

This recipe is from David Paul's Lahaina Grill in Lahaina, Maui. This dessert may make you sing and is a guaranteed hit at any fun affair. It's also a really pretty cake, and is especially attractive when you save an assortment of chiles to garnish the platter. Read more spicy cake recipe ideas here.

This recipe and others can be found in the following article:
Romesco is a classic Spanish sauce that is served with a wide variety of 
dishes, including the famous tortilla Española from the Tarragona
region, this classic Catalan sauce combines almonds with two of the most
popular horticultural imports from the New World—chiles and tomatoes.
The sauce gets its name from the romesco chile, but these are not
readily available outside Spain. A combination of ancho and New Mexican
chiles approximates the flavor.
This recipe is from Giuliano Bugialli as profiled by Nancy Gerlach, who 
met him in Rome. She commented: “This in an all-purpose sauce that can
be used on a variety of pastas. To really 'enrage' the sauce, replace
the crushed New Mexican chile with chiltepíns or piquin chiles.”

Desserts are not served too often at home, and are made with locally grown fruits, often sun-dried. They are usually served for guests and at special dinners, and are not part of the everyday menu.

This is a favorite desert, using the ever-present rice. The vanilla essence is sometimes omitted in villages where it may not be available.

These snacks from West Africa wrap canned oysters in crisp pastry fo a quick and delicious taste senstaion that may be served warm or cold. 

Heat Scale: Depends on how much Madagascar Sauce Dynamite one uses.


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