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Chile - Cayenne

This citrus delight is simple to prepare and and just tart enough to complement the sweet-hot glaze. It is also nice when made in a bundt pan. Read more spicy holiday cake recipes by Dave DeWitt here.

This particular specialty can be smoked or smoke-grilled and it typifies the Memphis approach to cooking ribs–a double whammy of spices and sauce. As usual, watch for burning as the finishing sauce has a bit of sugar in the tomato. Why not serve these delicious ribs with traditional potato salad, cole slaw, and pickled peppers? Remember that the meat on smoked ribs looks pink, but that’s a chemical reaction with the smoke, and the ribs are really done. Really. It is difficult to take the temperature of the ribs because of the bones, so some instinctive cooking is required here.
This rub is great for smoking any cut of pork–ribs, chops, steaks, or even a roast. It has its origins in one of the barbecue centers of America, Memphis, Tennessee, home of the Memphis in May barbecue cook-off. You can also use rubs on grilled meats, so the next time you grill pork (or lamb) chops, try this rub.
These spicy sausages are usually grilled and eaten alongside couscous.
Since this recipe is based on personal observation, I asked editor Dave for some assistance and we have attempted to re-create these delicious sandwiches. If you want to substitute flour tortillas for the pita bread, we won’t tell.
This rich, spicy-sweet chicken dish from northwestern India has distinct Moghul influences. "Dilruba" means "sweetheart." The Moghuls controlled most of India from 1526 until 1839, leaving behind some of India's most famous architecture, including the Taj Mahal. The Moghul emperors loved to eat, and twenty-course meals were common in the royal courts. Not surprisingly, Moghul rule had a greater influence on Punjabi cuisine that that of any other conqueror.

This is the thin, vinegar sauce in the tradition of Eastern North Carolina. For a rough idea of the Western sauce, add 1 cup catsup, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon to this recipe. This is served over smoked pork in any form–sliced or pulled.

Lentils have always been a source of protein in parts of Europe, much of the Middle East, and India.  They were probably brought to Africa by the spice traders, and they have been utilized in cooking since the time of the ancient Egyptians and the Sumerians.  The are a simple staple that can take on a lot of seasoning and spice.
This is my take on the pulled mutton served at the Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn. It’s not their recipe but the final outcome is pretty close to their great mutton buffet offerings.

Here’s another option for cooking with PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur. The recipe also calls for pomegranate molasses (also called pomegranate syrup), which can be purchased online at The Spice House.

This recipe features PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur in a tasty glaze for salmon. For more recipes, visit www.pamaliqueur.com.


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