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Ingredient - Chicken
This is a uniquely Korean dish. It has a robust, feisty flavor thanks to the happy marriage of tastes between the nutty rice and fresh, well-pickled cabbage kimchi. This recipe calls for whole cabbage kimchi, either homemade or store-bought. Only the stem part of the cabbage is used, not the stuffing. With its robust kimchi flavor, this rustic one-dish meal does not need to be accompanied by any other sauce.

This classic Sichuan stir-fry dish can be made with shrimp, pork, beef, or even tofu as well as chicken.  It’s a simple dish with just a few ingredients combined with crunchy peanuts for texture. The complex flavors come from the marinating and seasoning sauces.

This recipe and others can be found in the following article:

Mascarene Chile Cuisine


By Dave DeWitt

We cooked this during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and it has become a big family favorite. If I had to eat only one thing every day for the rest of my life, this would do. Feel free to use leftover grilled beef, lamb, sausage, chicken, goanna, crocodile, emu, goat or whatever you've got.


Filipinos love grilled chicken, and here is an interesting twist on it. Serve with any of the hot sauces described above. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
Just about any type of citrus fruit will work in this recipe. Try tangerine, orange, or even a combination such as lemon-lime. Adding habaneros with their sweet heat compliments the citrus flavor of the sauce.
You can buy ground chicken from your butcher, but be sure to specify that the skin should be removed before grinding. Or you can use a food processor with a sharp blade chop your own chicken, but use the pulse mode to get the proper consistency. Serve this with a cold Tsingtao beer.

This hearty Madagascar recipe is a pate of sorts; a very hot mixture spread over toast or crakers and served as an appetizer.  Extremely Hot!


A favorite of Indian cooks, these pastries are a popular teatime snack in Singapore and Malaysia. They also make a fabulous appetizer!

Roswell, New Mexico is a small desert town in the middle of nowhere that became world famous because of one incident that may not have happened. This past Independence Day was the 50th anniversary of the debated crash of a UFO. Amid the parades, costume contests, scientific-like presentations, and items for sale (which included everything from abduction insurance to a dead "alien" in a mason jar), there was a banquet.

Held in Hangar 84, the site where crash debris and off-world bodies were purportedly taken in 1947, the dinner's featured speaker was Whitley Streiber, author of the book Communion. He was not abducted during the banquet, which was catered by local restaurateur Mario Reid. Mario maintained the general other-worldly spirit of the event with dishes such as "MOO F. O." (Beef roulades), "Cover-Up Pork," and "Flan Saucer Dessert."

I was able to extract the recipe for "Crash Site Chicken" from Mario, which consisted of skinless, boneless chicken breasts in puff pastry with mozzarella and a green chile and pecan concass. The original recipe served 500, so I've cut it down a bit.

Featured Rapid Recipe

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