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Ingredient - Chicken
These wings are not a traditional New Mexican dish, but since it’s one of our favorites, and we serve it in New Mexico, we have dared to adopt it as one of our hot and spicy favorites. Because of the high sugar content in the sauce, use it toward the end of grilling so it doesn’t burn.

The versatility of canned green chile is demonstrated in this delicious salad.

This chicken and chile dish is a standard in western China, where the flavors of poultry and citrus are often combined. Dried orange peel is available in Asian markets. Any small, dried red chiles may be used in this recipe. Serve it over steamed rice or rice pilaf.
Remember, says Chef Mark Purdy, 'One of the secrets to a great BBQ is turning ingredients only when necesary.'
This roast chicken recipe with pizzazz is practically a meal in one.
Traditionally, this dish is made with poached chicken, but you can save time by using store-bought rotisserie chickens. Just make sure you buy chickens without any special flavoring; if that's all you can find, try to remove all of the skin. You can use any kind of dried red chile for this recipe; anchos, guajillos, pasillas, whatever you have on hand. Look for ingredients like canela and masa harina in the Mexican foods section of your supermarket, at a Latin American grocery, or online. Serve the pepian with plenty of white rice and fresh corn tortillas.
Try this amazingly easy pizza with a variety of chile cheeses for a more interesting, non-traditional flavor.
This will give you an idea of how Nando’s works with chicken!

Chicken is not an everyday dish in Afghanistan, as few are raised, and they are only served at very special meals. Parts can be used, or an entire chicken.


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