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Chile - Chile Powder

Use this as a finishing sauce for grilled pork chops, pork ribs, lamb chops, or even lambburgers.  Take care that the sauce doesn't burn when on the grill.

This traditional butter shortbread has a bit of Red Chile Rub added, giving these cookies a sublte hint of heat. Scoring the dough into wedges before it is baked makes it very easy to break into individual cookies. Once cooled, gently break the cookies along the lines. This dough may also be rolled out and cut with a cookie cutter, if you prefer.

Equipment: Plate Setter, 9-inch round cake pan
Set the EGG for indirect cooking with the Plate Setter, legs down.
Preheat the EGG to 300 degrees F.

This cake was made at the Pace Salsa Chef's Challenge at the 2012 Fiery Foods and BBQ Show. Recipe courtesy of chef Kaitlin Armstrong.

First rubbed with Red Chile Rub, then topped with a sweet mango salsa, these scallops are like yin and yang, a perfect balance between cool and spicy. When served, the scallops should look like they have been dusted with confetti, so when making the salsa, be sure to finely dice all of the vegetables.

For years I've been trying to duplicate the homefries served since the early 1960s at Monroe's Restaurant in Albuquerque. This version is the closest I've come to it. Don't let the bacon fat or lard worry you—this is a very special exception to all the rules and you don't need that much of it. Serve topped with New Mexico Red Chile Sauce.

Gombo means okra in West Africa, and that vegetable is the primary
thickening agent of this simple sauce from Ghana. The sauce can be
served like a soup or poured over potatoes, plantains, or other starchy

This recipe was originally demonstrated on a Disc-It outdoor grill (think of a propane-powered wok on steroids), but you can grill these burgers as well. Read more about the Disc-It and burgers in Mark Masker's article here.

This recipe is based on a sweet potato/chorizo soup recipe from chef Jamie Oliver, which I modified to feature pumpkin. And boy, did it ever work! Read the entire article on the Burn! Blog here.


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