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Meal/Course - Dessert
Tired of pumpkin pie? Then try this fancy (for me) pumpkin cheesecake. Sip a little of that leftover whiskey to help you digest this dessert.

Here's a fruit-dominated mousse if there was one. Also dominating is the soft burn of the chile powder as it's blended into the whipped cream. This recipe is extremely simple to make. From the article "Perfectly Pungent Peaches" by Dave DeWitt here.

This recipe and others can be found in the following article:

 Oodles and Oodles of Asian Noodles

by Nancy Gerlach, Fiery-Foods.com Food Editor Emeritus 

This traditional butter shortbread has a bit of Red Chile Rub added, giving these cookies a sublte hint of heat. Scoring the dough into wedges before it is baked makes it very easy to break into individual cookies. Once cooled, gently break the cookies along the lines. This dough may also be rolled out and cut with a cookie cutter, if you prefer.

Equipment: Plate Setter, 9-inch round cake pan
Set the EGG for indirect cooking with the Plate Setter, legs down.
Preheat the EGG to 300 degrees F.

This cake was made at the Pace Salsa Chef's Challenge at the 2012 Fiery Foods and BBQ Show. Recipe courtesy of chef Kaitlin Armstrong.

This recipe is from David Paul's Lahaina Grill in Lahaina, Maui. This dessert may make you sing and is a guaranteed hit at any fun affair. It's also a really pretty cake, and is especially attractive when you save an assortment of chiles to garnish the platter. Read more spicy cake recipe ideas here.

Although this drink was served to royalty in the large Mayan cities, the discovery of chile in conjunction with cacao in Cerén indicates that even commoners knew how to make this concoction.
These hot and rich candies are well worth the extra effort it takes to make them. Because the filling needs to be refrigerated overnight, they do require advance preparation. The rum can be omitted if you desire, just plump the raisins with water.

Desserts are not served too often at home, and are made with locally grown fruits, often sun-dried. They are usually served for guests and at special dinners, and are not part of the everyday menu.

This is a favorite desert, using the ever-present rice. The vanilla essence is sometimes omitted in villages where it may not be available.


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