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Ingredient - Eggs
Eggs play an important role in the cuisine of Yucatán, especially hard-cooked eggs, which are a major ingredient in many popular recipes. Very unique to the Yucatán, these enchiladas are traditionally served garnished with a green oil that is squeezed from toasted pumpkin seeds, but they taste good with or without it. This is a very old Mayan recipe originally made with turkey eggs and it has reputed to have been served to served to the Spaniards when they arrived in the New World. After the Spaniards arrived, chickens and their eggs replaced turkeys in popularity.

This is a traditional Greek sweet bread adorned with colored eggs. It's not spicy, but it is gorgeous to look at! Read the entire article "Why NOT Eat the Easter Bunny?" by Kelli Bergthold here.

Before you go on to another recipe, stop and give this a try! This is not the famed "traveling fruitcake" recipe—the the mythical fruitcake that never spoils and is never eaten! Nope, this is a green chile fruit cake, new and improved, and sassier than ever. Read more great spicy cake recipes by Dave DeWitt here.

I was first introduced to pickled eggs in college, where a group of us would hang out in an old wood-paneled bar, drink beer, shoot pool, and eat pickled eggs and pretzel sticks. Even after all these years, I still like pickled eggs and pretzels. When making them, I add a little juice from pickled beets to color them just like the original eggs, but you can color them yellow with ground turmeric or leave them natural. To prevent the dark green line that sometimes forms around the yolk, immediately plunge the egg in cold water to cool them down. The ring forms because of a reaction with the iron in the yolk and the sulfur in the whites. Over the years, I began adding chiles to "jack-up" the heat level. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.

The city of Motul near Mérida is where this recipe originated. This is Yucatan's version of huevos rancheros. The chiltomate is a very traditional Yucatecan tomato sauce; some cooks say that the tomatoes should just be grilled and never fried, and still others maintain that frying brings out additional flavor. In addition to breakfast, serve this as an accompaniment with some spicy grilled fish for a big, luscious Yucatán-style dinner.

Although the recipes may vary from place to place, the bottom line with ranch-style eggs is that they are delicious for a hearty breakfast or a brunch served with refried beans and hash browned potatoes.

Although the recipes may vary from place to place, the bottom line with ranch-style eggs is that they are delicious for a hearty breakfast or a brunch served with refried beans and hash browned potatoes.

Probably the most famous of all the chile breakfasts is huevos rancheros, or ranch eggs. This was the meal traditionally served to Mexican ranch hands after a hard early morning’s work. The basic recipe calls for salsa, tortillas, and eggs, but there are an endless number of variations of the recipe. For instance the eggs can be fried and placed on the sauce or poached right in the sauce, and the salsa can be made with red or green chile, which can be homemade or prepared.

All the flavors of Yucatán are found in this dish. The cilantro, habanero chiles, and epazote all come together here and the diner has a choice of green or red sauce or both over the poached eggs. Cook the sauces first, so that they are ready when the eggs are done.

This recipe appeared in the article Chile-Spiced Brunch Ideas for Mother's Day on the Burn! Blog.

This citrus delight is simple to prepare and and just tart enough to complement the sweet-hot glaze. It is also nice when made in a bundt pan. Read more spicy holiday cake recipes by Dave DeWitt here.


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