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Cooking Method - Fry

For years I've been trying to duplicate the homefries served since the early 1960s at Monroe's Restaurant in Albuquerque. This version is the closest I've come to it. Don't let the bacon fat or lard worry you—this is a very special exception to all the rules and you don't need that much of it. Serve topped with New Mexico Red Chile Sauce.

This is the sauce that commonly is bottled in liquor bottles and sold in 
the mercados and at roadside stands in central and northern Mexico. It
is sprinkled over nearly any snack food, from tacos to tostadas.
From Tlaxcala comes a wonderful sauce that utilizes chipotles, or any 
type of smoked chile. Most commonly, chipotles are smoked red jalapeños.
This is a table sauce served at room temperature to spice up any main
dish, including meats and poultry.

Gombo means okra in West Africa, and that vegetable is the primary
thickening agent of this simple sauce from Ghana. The sauce can be
served like a soup or poured over potatoes, plantains, or other starchy

Marcia McQuaig says this recipe has been "a local favorite here in St. Augustine for decades. It’s best made in a good heavy pot." 2 pounds smoked sausage

This traditional Mexican sausage is often scrambled with eggs or served with huevos rancheros (this chapter) for breakfast. Unlike other sausages, it is usually not placed in a casing but rather served loose or formed into patties. Only a small amount of chorizo is used in this recipe, so freeze the rest in small amounts. Top the scrambled eggs with New Mexico Red Chile Sauce . Serve this with Red Homefries for Breakfast and Refried Beans of Choice . Note: This recipe requires advance preparation

Flautas (flaow-tahs) or "flutes" are rolled and fried tortillas similar to taquitos but 2 tortillas are rolled together to form a long flute and often served with a avocado sauce. The following is a recipe from a small restaurant located near the hospital in Juarez, Mexico--one of my favorites! This is a great way to use up any left-over chicken you may have on hand.

This recipe and others can be found in the 12-part illustrated series "A World of Curries". You can read all about this unique Indian flavor here.

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Spinach never tasted so good or so hot! This is a very versatile filling that can be used as a dip with chips or a sandwich spread on a hearty bread such as a dark rye. It’s important to tightly roll and refrigerate the rolls or they won’t stay rolled up after they are sliced.
These enchiladas are not the same as those served north of the border. The main differences are the use of freshly made, thick corn tortillas and the fact that the enchiladas are not baked. We dined on these enchiladas one night in Tucson as they were prepared by Cindy Castillo, a friend of the Duran family, who is well-versed in Sonoran cookery.

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