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Cuisine - German
This is one of the classic paprika recipes from Hungary. But sure to use only imported paprika in this dish, or the flavor will not be the same. It is traditionally cooked with lard or goose fat and served with dumplings. Serve over egg noodles, plain rice, or boiled potatoes.
There are few recipes more typically German than potato salad. Chileheads Harald and Renate Zoschke gave this national dish a spicy twist. It makes a great complement for Bratwurst from the grill!
Nothing keeps you warmer on a cold winter night than a bowl of paprika soup, which is a variation of the popular Hungarian goulash. Since "hot" paprika is hard to find, I bring up the heat by adding small dried red chiles, rather than adding a lot of paprika which can make the soup excessively sweet. Traditionally, sour cream would never be served with this soup by any central or eastern European, but I think it adds a creaminess makes a nice finishing touch.
Sometimes called "the bouillabaisse of Hungary," Paprika Fish Soup is simplicity itself. It originated centuries ago with the fishermen who cooked it in big metal pots over campfires on the embankments of Hungary’s great rivers, including the Danube. In Hungary this fish soup often contains several kinds of local fresh fish—carp, catfish, sterlet, pike, perch, bream, whatever is available as the catch of the day.

The addition of sour cream to the sauce in this potato dish is typically Hungarian. It is a hearty side dish that goes well with roast pork and sauerkraut.

One morning Renate surprised us with this interesting dish she invented for Harald's Das Chili Pepper Buch. The idea for this recipe was born when the Zoschke's brought a couple of pancake rings from the U.S. -- here, sliced bell peppers serve as edible rings. This dish is ideal as either a light and speedy snack or as a visual highlight at a brunch buffet. Either way, your eyes will enjoy, too!
Sunday afternoon heaven, accordingto Harald and Renate Zoschke, is watching a soccer game on TV, drinking beer, and snacking on these spicy baked potatoes!

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