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Cooking Method - Grill
No, this is not barbecued camel, but you could use it if American supermarkets would only wise up and stock it. ("Special Bactrian Hump, Just $12.95 a Pound!") This Mongol specialty is our take on a nomadic campfire feast. So if you would like to camp in your backyard, this would work fine over a hardwood fire. You could also use your Lynx Grill.
A purchased cake works well in this recipe and you don’t have to go to the trouble of baking one from scratch. You can substitute Kahlua or other coffee liqueur for the Grand Marnier, and you can use other fruits such as pineapple.

Although many Southwest barbecues and grilled meats utilize mesquite, it is not the only aromatic wood to use--experiment with pecan, apple, peach, and grape clippings. If you use charcoal for the main fire, be sure to soak the wood for an hour in water before grilling. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.

This is an extremely versatile dish that can be done ahead of time and thrown back on the grill as it is heating up, and it can be served either warm or cold. To take a short cut with the aioli, we have used a prepared mayonnaise as the base.
These artichokes are so easy to prepare and are a great accompaniment to any barbecue of grilled meat, poultry, or fish.
Friday, 18 June, 2010


Grilled Asparagus and Squash

Total Time: about 20 minutes

Now let’s go wild and whip up a fancy-dancy dessert from something no one else uses for that purpose. The lowly—but elegant—avocado is actually a fruit, so let’s treat it like one for this refreshing, healthy, and surprising dessert.

recipe image

Speaking of traditional desserts, how about a Barbecued Banana Split? As easy as pie, a delightfully rich treat, and another dish that will cement your reputation as being a master BBQ dessert maker.

recipe image
A time-saving alternative to cooking a large pork roast, these chops have an Asian accent. The ginger gives them a nice bite.
The ingredients for this sauce were given to me by Dale Carty and I must say that I admired him for making his sauce from scratch rather than buying a commercial one. That’s probably why his restaurant is named as it is. This sauce is added to the chicken during the last half of cooking, and the chicken is best when it’s smoke-grilled (used wood chips soaked in water), so keep it quite a distance from the fire, close the lid on the barbecue unit, and grill it slowly. The sauce yield is about 3 cups or a little more.

Featured Rapid Recipe

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