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Difficulty - Moderate

Chicken is one of the most popular meats to be cooked on an outdoor grill. Because chicken cooks quickly, it’s well-suited for winter grilling. This recipes pairs grilled chicken with a seasonally inspired relish that combines the tang of uncooked cranberries with the sweet heat of horseradish. (This recipe requires advance preparation.)

Prepare the cranberry relish at least one day in advance. This relish will keep, covered and refrigerated, for one week.

The pomegranate component in this dish is provided by another popular product: Pom brand bottled pomegranate juice. This can be made with chicken breasts instead, but be sure to roast them until cooked through. Recipe courtesy of Selma Brown Morrow of Bon Appétit.

From the terrific book The Ultimate Guide to Grilling by Rick Browne. Available on Amazon.com

Romesco is a classic Spanish sauce that is served with a wide variety of 
dishes, including the famous tortilla Española from the Tarragona
region, this classic Catalan sauce combines almonds with two of the most
popular horticultural imports from the New World—chiles and tomatoes.
The sauce gets its name from the romesco chile, but these are not
readily available outside Spain. A combination of ancho and New Mexican
chiles approximates the flavor.
From the Netherlands Antilles' island of Saba comes this simple, 
steeped hot sauce that graces seafood dishes or simple rice. Malt
vinegar, made from malted barley, is the secret taste ingredient.
Because of the vinegar, this sauce can be kept for a month or so in the
This recipe is from Giuliano Bugialli as profiled by Nancy Gerlach, who 
met him in Rome. She commented: “This in an all-purpose sauce that can
be used on a variety of pastas. To really 'enrage' the sauce, replace
the crushed New Mexican chile with chiltepíns or piquin chiles.”
From the Sabine town of Amatrice comes this simple but great pasta 
sauce. Traditionally, it is served over bucatini, a spaghetti-like pasta
that has a hole in it, like a straw. It is then sprinkled with grated
pecorino romano cheese.
Here is a standard Spanish hot sauce would probably be prepared with the 
small, hot guindilla (“little cherry”) chiles. Serve this tasty sauce
over steamed vegetables, roasted meats, or fish prepared by any method.
From Tlaxcala comes a wonderful sauce that utilizes chipotles, or any 
type of smoked chile. Most commonly, chipotles are smoked red jalapeños.
This is a table sauce served at room temperature to spice up any main
dish, including meats and poultry.
The simplicity of this salsa, imported from northern Mexico and popular 
in Texas, is deceiving, for it is one of the best all-around table
sauces. The charred tomatoes and chiles have a robust flavor, and you
can control the texture. Some cooks char onion slices on the grill and
add them to this salsa.

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