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Chile - New Mexico Green
This fish dish is a Fijian favorite and utilizes common ingredients of the islands. It is the Fiji version of ceviche. Serve it with a fresh fruit salad.
Shish kebabs made from both ground and cubed meats, usually lamb, continue to be popular throughout the Middle East. This recipe is based on kebabs from southern Turkey where chiles are more widely used. Serve with a rice pilaf or in a pita bread pocket for a middle-eastern sandwich. Using a flat skewers rather that round to mold the meat onto will make cooking a whole lot easier.
This recipe comes from Sam Etheridge, formerly of Ambrozia, now of Nob Hill Bar and Grill in Albuquerque, NM.
Lobster (or Shrimp) Corndogs with Chipolte Ketchup and Wasabi Mustard
Of course, this version of the famous soup will be different from the heavily laden butter and cream recipes of the past. For one, it will have a lot more heat for a cold soup because we've replaced the fat with chile. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
Common throughout the Southwest in home cooking but not so common in restaurants (who knows why?), this savory shredded meat burrito is a meal in itself. The word machaca is derived from the Spanish machacar, to pound, an apt description of the appearance of the meat. This recipe is from our late friend, Barbara Graham.
This recipe can be stuffed in enchilads, tacos, sopalillas.
Bajiis, the unstuffed Madras version of chiles rellenos, are popular tea-time snacks in Madras and other cities of Tamil Nadu. They are often accompanied by a mango chutney like the one in this section, and the taste combination is delicious. Serve with fruit drinks or beer.
Rajas, or strips of green chile, are commonly cooked with other vegetables. But New Mexican chile has such a great flavor that the rajas can stand alone. Serve these tasty appetizers with toothpicks. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
Roswell, New Mexico is a small desert town in the middle of nowhere that became world famous because of one incident that may not have happened. This past Independence Day was the 50th anniversary of the debated crash of a UFO. Amid the parades, costume contests, scientific-like presentations, and items for sale (which included everything from abduction insurance to a dead "alien" in a mason jar), there was a banquet.

Held in Hangar 84, the site where crash debris and off-world bodies were purportedly taken in 1947, the dinner's featured speaker was Whitley Streiber, author of the book Communion. He was not abducted during the banquet, which was catered by local restaurateur Mario Reid. Mario maintained the general other-worldly spirit of the event with dishes such as "MOO F. O." (Beef roulades), "Cover-Up Pork," and "Flan Saucer Dessert."

I was able to extract the recipe for "Crash Site Chicken" from Mario, which consisted of skinless, boneless chicken breasts in puff pastry with mozzarella and a green chile and pecan concass. The original recipe served 500, so I've cut it down a bit.

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