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Ingredient - Pork

This traditional Mexican sausage is often scrambled with eggs or served with huevos rancheros (this chapter) for breakfast. Unlike other sausages, it is usually not placed in a casing but rather served loose or formed into patties. Only a small amount of chorizo is used in this recipe, so freeze the rest in small amounts. Top the scrambled eggs with New Mexico Red Chile Sauce . Serve this with Red Homefries for Breakfast and Refried Beans of Choice . Note: This recipe requires advance preparation

Rick Browne has gathered award-winning recipes from famous grillers from across the country to supplement his own creations. When his decades of experimentation, travel, and down-home grilling know-how come together, the results are truly inspired. Try this amazing recipe for pork spareribs as a celebration of what summer’s all about…then go buy the book!

I like to use my smoker like an oven—this recipe is a perfect example of such a use.

Spinach never tasted so good or so hot! This is a very versatile filling that can be used as a dip with chips or a sandwich spread on a hearty bread such as a dark rye. It’s important to tightly roll and refrigerate the rolls or they won’t stay rolled up after they are sliced.

This recipe features Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa with Roasted Tomatillo, produced by Chef Rick Bayless’ Frontera Foods company. Serving the pulled pork over cooked spaghetti squash instead of on a bun makes this a low-carb meal. Read the entire article by Lois Manno on the Burn! Blog  here.

While there is no doubt that pork shoulder slow-smoked over hickory and apple wood for up to 14 hours creates delicious barbecue, not everyone has the time to tend a smoker for that long. This recipe – which barbecue purists would call heresy and an affront to the Gods of BBQ – makes it possible to have flavorful pulled pork during a busy work week by using a slow cooker.

recipe image
Here's a daring, hearty soup that's served in a colorful, natural bowl. You'll all have fun, and the kids will love it. Remember to wear heavy gloves when carrying the pumpkin into the dining room or you'll have a hell of a mess.  You can use store-bought sausage for the soup, but I like to use a 1-pound roll of breakfast sausage that's been smoked at 225°F until it reaches an internal temp of 170°F.
Here is our recipe for a typically Southern sausage made with ground pork and lamb. For this recipe you will need a meat grinder with a sausage funnel, a tube that fits over the end of the grinder for filling sausage casings. You can also use a mixer such as KitchenAid, which has a sausage stuffer attachment. When stuffing, fill the casings until the sausage segments are about 4 inches long, then twist the casing and tie the sausages off with string. Then cut the casing off with scissors. Serve the links on buns with raw onions and barbecue sauce along with a macaroni salad and baked beans.
This is an all-purpose filling that is used here in a to make a breakfast meal wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, but it is also great as a filling in taco shells. In fact, the eggs taste great all by themselves. Whichever way you eat them, they make great breakfast sandwiches.
East meets the Southwest in this recipe, which illustrates the fact that the basic stir-fry technique can be applied to just about any cuisine.

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