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Meal/Course - Sauce/Marinade/Rub
Here is a classic pique recipe from Puerto Rico. As usual, the longer 
the chiles steep, the hotter the sauce will be. It should be stored in a
bottle with a sprinkler cap so the amount of sauce can be controlled as
it is sprinkled over grilled fish, poultry, or even into salads. Note:
This recipe requires advance preparation.

This recipe appeared in the article "Mike's Carolina-style Pulled Pork in Mustard" on the Burn! Blog. Read the entire story here.

Serve with Ketchup-vinegar Barbecue Sauce, recipe here.

Here is an unusual sauce that is almost a stew. In Puerto Rico, some 
cooks depend on only the bell peppers for Capsicum flavor; others add
some rocotillo chiles, as I do if I can find them. Otherwise, I use a
fourth the amount of habaneros. Serve this sauce over a rice or black
bean dish.
The origins of this sauce are obscured in legend and lore. In Italian, 
salsa puttanesca literally means "harlot's sauce" and was thought to be
a favorite meal of prostitutes because it was nourishing--and quick to
make. Another source implies that it was a favorite sauce of married
ladies who were having an affair; they would come home late and make
this rich sauce which smelled as though it had been cooking all day. It
can be served over your favorite pasta; or, spread it on Italian bread,
top with parmesan cheese, and broil it for a hearty sandwich.

This recipe and others can be found in the following article:

Moroccan Tagines

by Nancy Gerlach 


Tagines or tajines are wonderfully aromatic North African stews that combine meats, poultry, chicken, or fish with fruits, vegetables and a large variety of spices. The centerpiece of Moroccan meals, there are literally hundreds of traditional tagines as well as many regional variations 

Use this as a finishing sauce for grilled pork chops, pork ribs, lamb chops, or even lambburgers.  Take care that the sauce doesn't burn when on the grill.

This is a classic Louisiana recipe with French roots. It’s traditionally 
made with mayonnaise, but mine is a more heart-healthy version. This
sauce is great with shrimp, over sliced tomatoes, with pasta, over
vegetables and cold meats, in chicken or potato salad, or as an
ingredient in deviled eggs.

Chicken is one of the most popular meats to be cooked on an outdoor grill. Because chicken cooks quickly, it’s well-suited for winter grilling. This recipes pairs grilled chicken with a seasonally inspired relish that combines the tang of uncooked cranberries with the sweet heat of horseradish. (This recipe requires advance preparation.)

Prepare the cranberry relish at least one day in advance. This relish will keep, covered and refrigerated, for one week.

Romesco is a classic Spanish sauce that is served with a wide variety of 
dishes, including the famous tortilla Española from the Tarragona
region, this classic Catalan sauce combines almonds with two of the most
popular horticultural imports from the New World—chiles and tomatoes.
The sauce gets its name from the romesco chile, but these are not
readily available outside Spain. A combination of ancho and New Mexican
chiles approximates the flavor.

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