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Cooking Method - Sauté
As prepared at De Tropen Restaurant, Amsterdam. Use, young, tender lamb.
Many of the stews in Argentina are garnished with fresh fruit or even dried fruit. This spicy, creamed seafood dish is very elegant and makes a gorgeous presentation dish. Accompany the dish with a simple green salad and a chilled Argentine white wine.
Make sure to keep an eye on your quesadillas while they're cooking; you don't want to overcook the cheese, which should ooze gradually into the fish to create a mixed and delicious flavor. You can substitute any type of fish for marlin. 
The neighboring island of Mauritius in the Mascarenes has a harissa-like 
sauce called mazavaroo that is usually served on sandwiches. This recipe
for it was given to one of my writers, Leyla Loued-Khenissime, by
Virjanan Jeenea, the sous-chef at the Oberoi Hotel in Mauritius. Leyla
writes: “I was happy to see that his recipe is simple compared to others
I have run into. I tried it four different ways: with fresh bird's eye
peppers and again with fresh Thai dragon peppers, then adding shrimp
paste to one and ginger to the other. The best result I obtained was by
following the Oberoi recipe with the bird's eye peppers, although it
still lacks that smoky fantasia found in the jar I initially bought.
Below is the Oberoi's adapted version.”
I grow a lot of Peruvian ají chiles in my garden every year, and I 
always put aside a large bag of them to take to Miguel, our computer
wizard friend from Peru. On my second or third trip to Miguel's (it was
a bumper harvest of chiles), he was having a late lunch with this ají
sauce over his rice.

Chef Sundeep Bhagat from Lucknow, La Porte’s specialist in vegetarian cuisine, created this marvelous recipe for chile lovers that combines the fresh pods with coconuts and other nuts.

The Moghlai dishes, popular across India, but particularly in Delhi and the neighboring Uttar Pradesh, owe their ancestry to sixteenth and seventeenth century Moghul rulers, Akbar and Shehjehan, who were connoisseurs of music, literature, architecture, and food. Unlike their immediate ancestors, who invaded India, and who were too busy consolidating their empire to pay much attention to cuisine, Akbar and Shehjehan recruited the best chefs in northern India, and encouraged them to create dishes that carried the influence of the ingredients of central Asia and India. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
This rich, spicy-sweet chicken dish from northwestern India has distinct Moghul influences. "Dilruba" means "sweetheart." The Moghuls controlled most of India from 1526 until 1839, leaving behind some of India's most famous architecture, including the Taj Mahal. The Moghul emperors loved to eat, and twenty-course meals were common in the royal courts. Not surprisingly, Moghul rule had a greater influence on Punjabi cuisine that that of any other conqueror.

Rick Browne, Ph.B., host of the PBS show “Barbecue America” and the author of The Best Barbecue on Earth and nine other books, is supplying articles and recipes to the Fiery Foods & Barbecue SuperSite.


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Most people associate mole with the famous chocolate mole--mole poblano--but the word refers to both a mixture and a stew. No chocolate is used in this recipe, and with the exception of the potatoes and corn, this dish is quite similar to chili.

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